Just Don’t Look is a semi-regular feature offered as a service to working journalists as suggestions for who or what they should stop covering in the interest of our collective sanity.

  • Jane Pratt. In a Tweet announcing some news about Michael Stipe, writer Mandy Stadtmiller actually said “I asked Michael Stipe for an exclusive to get P6 buzz for @xojanedotcom launch.” She is telling you she is being a troll. Yes, Jane Pratt’s new website has published some bad articles and some even worse things involving sex with Terry Richardson. But they are being up-front that they are just doing it to get attention; they want to make money off of being an accelerant of outrage. You are literally just giving them what they want. I understand you might be disappointed in someone you idolized, but please, leave it alone. All you’re doing is showing Tina Brown that Talk¬†failed because the writing was too thoughtful.
  • The rapture. The Internet has developed a tabloid-ish tendency to identify people who everyone else knows is wrong and then grind them into the mud. If the rapture does indeed not happen, then they will know soon enough they were wrong. You don’t need to tell them twice, or a million times. You know how American Christians have an undeserved persecution complex? This is why.
  • Lars von Trier. It’s like getting mad when a dog named “Shittin’ Joe” poops on the carpet. You knew it was going to happen.
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  3. howsyrface said: I enjoy that Von Trier actually has a “F U C K” knuckle tattoo now. But i also enjoy his movies, in general.
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    As I mentioned in a reply, I’m only interested in the rapture stuff because of the implications for the kids whose...
  5. fatmanatee said: ill admit to some fascination with the rapture, if only because of the implications for the kids whose parents dump their savings for this. As for Pratt, the only people I hear talking about XOJane are people who hate XOJane. And link to it.
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    vruz: no, that’s not why. the reason why they have an undeserved persecution complex is because they keep trying to...
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