Some people like a little mystery in their show names. They want to draw the viewer in with uncertainty, guaranteeing nothing but obfuscation, offering nothing but the sublime wonder of the unknown. Mysteries will be left unresolved. Characters’ motivations will remain obtuse. Indeed, the viewer may never be truly sure what the show is even about.

Then there are the creators of “Sandwiches that You Will Like.”


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    I respect this. No bullshit. Hey, we’re gonna talk about sandwiches that you WILL like. Do you wanna see a show where we...
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    Haha, yes, I think I have seen it too, and the actual logo makes it clear it’s a reference. But it does looks hells of...
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    Sorry, Michael Barthel, I just went a little apeshit in my defense of this documentary about sandwiches, BECAUSE I LOVE...
  7. semperidem said: OMG OMG, MICHAEL, JUST WATCH IT. It is one of … uh, ONE food documentaries that I have saved to my media drive. I’ve seen it a million times. You will understand why they named it that when you watch it, YOU CYNIC.
  8. rolandcrosby said: I have watched this show, and I can vouch for the title’s accuracy.
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