I wrote about Alyssa Milano’s first Japanese pop album for The Awl, and discuss the above picture at some length. Hopefully I did not mangle too many details about how Japanese pop works?

Also, I just noticed that the font in which her name is rendered on the album packaging is very, very close to the one used for Nirvana’s name on Nevermind

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    Michael Barthel + Alyssa Milano + the j-pop machine + TEEN STEAM + a reference to the theme from The Garry Shandling...
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    Can’t recommend reading all of these enough.
  3. towerofsleep said: ha, the font was the first thing i noticed
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    I can’t believe I posted those Commando GIFs three years ago. Fuck.
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    WOW, @cajolejuiceesq’s website got linked in an article I was going to send to him.
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    Yeah, read this. (Read ALL his entries on actor vanity albums for the Awl, it’s a goddamn treasure.)
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    Hmm, vary intarasting venity.
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