"There’s never been a time when three different artists have all taken on one writer, i.e. me. It’s an inauspicious honor and though I’ve been flattered in a way, I’m also confused too…I’ve been asked “why has this happened” by many, including myself and despite soliciting an answer from some of these artists point-blank, no one’s coughed up a clear reason. PUTS claimed they were mad over something I wrote about them which is odd since most of what I’ve ever done about the group as a writer and editor has been supportive. I’ve championed Jean Grae for six years, especially in these very pages, but in her EP dis, she alludes to the fact that I didn’t give her Attack of the Attacking Things “a thumbs up.” Louis Logic was more forthcoming, simply stating, “I just don’t like you” though without proffering more.

What artists hint at but seem unwilling to just come out and say is this: they don’t like negative press. Anyone who reads my work knows that I’m no Mr. Invective-Spewing-Ranter but really, it doesn’t matter how constructive the criticism or balanced the opinion when some equate any critique with an attack."
— Oliver Wang, “Hate Me Now,” 2004
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