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Jul 10

OK sure I learned about this from a WSJ article but it’s great.

The Eagles’ “Hotel California,” released in 1976, might be one of the most played songs of all time. But the radio anthem has gotten a second wind lately as musicians and fans listen to the original recording as they never could before, playing each part of the song—its vocals, percussion, bass and epic guitar solo—in isolation.

"It’s a whole new entertainment experience," said Los Angeles musician Baron Von Luxxury, who stumbled upon the deconstructed master recording online in 2012. During a year of remixing, he amplified the bass line, sped up the tempo, cut out the chorus and distorted the guitars. He also salted in special effects to give his version "robot flair."

Here is a list of good songs from 2014. It’s the same stuff everyone else likes, but just songs, and a list, and by me. I put “Problem” and “Talk Dirty” back-to-back so you can have 6 full minutes of uninterrupted SAX JAMS.

(Source: Spotify)


the Atlanta DMV is just a trailer in the middle of a gigantic empty field, and when i went, there were four (4) men using push lawnmowers to mow the gigantic field. beyond that there is a gigantic empty parking lot, and beyond that you can sort of make out turner field but honestly you could be anywhere. just in case you ever need to go to the DMV in Atlanta and you show up and ask yourself, “is this it, or is this an elaborate identity thief front/the location for the remake of Holes?”


I get so bummed out whenever I find something cool on wikipedia and the disambiguation at the top is like “For the album by Some Band On Nuclear Blast see:” because it feels like some awful guy rubbing his hand all through a pizza you’re about to eat just to grab an olive and say “olives are fucking sick”

Jul 9

I could not be happier that everyone is replying to my Homestar post with their favorite Homestar lines.

Jul 8

Jul 7

Burnt a slice of grilled eggplant so badly it became alight and continued smoking even after I’d taken it from the grill, the center glowing red, a purple ember ashed over black and plucked from the fire.

Jul 6