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I spend most of my time being a PhD student in the communication department at the University of Washington.  I specialize in public opinion, political trust and the media. Here is my CV.

I am also a freelance writer on the subjects of pop music, politics, technology, and pop culture. I am currently writing irregularly for The Awl. In the past, I’ve written for Salon, the Village Voice, the Atlantic online, Esquire online, IdolatorFlagpole, GQ online, Stylus, Popdust, and Under the Radar. You can find my pieces for the Awl here.  I once wrote a very long, well-regarded thing on “Hallelujah.” 

I am always interested in writing more, but am awful about pitching things, so please feel free to drop me a line.

You can reach me at clapclap@gmail.com. I am on Twitter @michaelbarthel.

I know both the person who invented the “hipster Ariel” meme and a person named Ariel who has red hair and bought large, square glasses two days before the other person created the “hipster Ariel” meme. These two people do not know each other.